Have you or one of your loved ones received services from Aire ouverte in Sept-Îles and would like to share your opinion with us?

Contact Aire ouverte’s research team to participate in ongoing research projects!

There is currently one ongoing project:

  • The Photovoice project is a project in which participants take photos that represent their perspective on the health services they received

Would you like to learn more about this? You can contact a staff member at Aire ouverte by dialing 418-962-4791 or emailing them at Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du

You can also contact the research team directly by e-mail at  Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du

Here is a more detailed look at this research project:

  • Photovoice: This project is intended for persons who received services at Aire ouverte. Its goal is to document how they perceive their health status and the services they received at Aire ouverte. Persons are invited to take photos that represent their perspective and then participate in an interview (by phone or on computer) lasting approximately 2 hours. A $25 gift card will be offered for participation in this project.

This project is approved by the ethics committee on sectoral research in neurosciences and mental health of the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale (project number MP-13-2019-1545).