These services are intended for pregnant women, parents, children, teenagers and families that require care and services at different stages of their lives.

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Mother-child services

Mother-child centres and pediatrics

Two mother-child centres receive women from the region when they give birth at the Hôpital de Sept-Îles and the Hôpital Le Royer (Baie-Comeau). 

The pediatrics service is intended for children between birth and 18 years old who are hospitalized for health problems in Baie-Comeau and Sept Îles. Day pediatrics services are also offered at the Hôpital de Sept Îles for non-hospitalized users.

Obstetrical pre-admission clinic (Baie-Comeau)

Pregnant women are invited to a meeting with the nurse of the pre admission clinic between their 34th and 36th week of pregnancy. This meeting is used to talk about the fears and specific needs related to childbirth, give information on the available services and fill in various documents. A visit of the unit is also offered.

High-risk pregnancy clinic (GARE)

The GARE clinic is intended for pregnant women who are more likely to develop major health problems during their pregnancy. When the physician detects health problems that require an interdisciplinary approach (gynecology, nutrition, nurse), they refer the pregnant woman to the GARE clinic. Particular pregnancies, such as an overdue pregnancy, twins or vaginal birth after caesarean section, can also be evaluated.

Family planning and voluntary termination of pregnancy

The family planning clinic is a place to be listened to and be taken care of. The specialists of the clinic manage all problems that make family planning difficult. They also offer the voluntary termination of pregnancy service, as well as care and support related to contraception.

Baie-Comeau: 418 589-3701, ext. 302746
Sept-Îles: 418 962-9761, ext. 452756

Obstetrics and gynecology clinic (Sept-Îles)

Gynecologists provide evaluation, treatment and follow-up for women regarding pregnancy and gynecology. Several services are available, including fertility and high-risk pregnancy follow-ups, nuchal translucency and amniocentesis, obstetrics, childbirth before 36 weeks of pregnancy, gynecological emergency, family planning, voluntary termination of pregnancy, surgical hysterectomy and caesarean section.

Perinatality and early childhood

Prenatal meetings

The purpose of these capsules is to transmit information to future parents. Watching them will help them better prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and the first days of the child’s life, in their role of parents.

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Postnatal follow-up

Postnatal visit: When they leave the hospital, new parents can benefit from a follow-up from the CLSC, including, among other things, a call 24 to 48 hours after their return home, as well as a home visit. If necessary, the nursing follow up can continue according to the situation.

OLO program (egg-milk-orange) and 1000 days to enjoy life

The program is offered to pregnant women and families with a low income and consists in providing them with one litre of milk, one egg, one glass of orange juice and nutritional supplements every day. It aims for the adoption of healthy eating habits and it can start from the 12th week of pregnancy until the child’s second year.

Integrated perinatal and early childhood services program (SIPPE) intended for families living in a vulnerable situation

The program provides support in order to ensure optimal development for children. Depending on the expressed needs, several professionals can provide support: nurses, nutritionist, dental hygienist, psychosocial educators and workers. It is intended for:

  • Pregnant women under 20 years old;
  • Pregnant women of 20 years old or over who have not finished high school and live in poverty.

Immunization of infants

Child vaccination starts at two months of age and continues according to the schedule of the /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altTextQuébec Immunization Program.

Breastfeeding clinic (Baie-Comeau)

The breastfeeding clinic supports mothers who have breastfeeding difficulties. A nurse works in collaboration with physicians of the University family medicine group (U-FMG). The clinic is located at the CLSC Lionel Charest and is open every Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Troubled youth and their family

This program brings together the services intended for youth, from early childhood until adulthood, and for their family, and provides help with, among other things, developmental or behavioural problems which may sometimes turn into adjustment difficulties. Accommodation in rehabilitation for youth with adjustment difficulties is also part of the program.

To access these services, except accommodation, requests from users, partners and physicians are received by the staff of the regional access gateway and are then sent toward the appropriate service.

Services available in the community

  • Follow-up in special education and psychoeducation (parents and children between 5 and 17 years old)
  • Psychosocial follow-up (children, teenagers and their family)
  • Psychological evaluation and follow-up (children between 0 and 18 years old and their family)
  • Crisis program and intensive follow-up program in the community (children between 5 and 17 years old and their family)
  • Neglect intervention program (children between 0 and 12 years old and their family)
  • Post-adoption follow-up
  • Supervision of access rights (provided by a community organization in Baie-Comeau)

Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation for youth with adjustment difficulties: The services aim to ensure the rehabilitation and the development of children and teenagers with severe adjustment disorders, some of whom also have mental health problems. They also have the objective of making young offenders accountable while keeping the society safe. They are provided in collaboration with the psychosocial services of the youth centre and with the resources of the community. The CISSS de la Côte-Nord has two facilities, one with 44 places in Baie Comeau and another with 23 places in Sept-Îles.

Mental health 0-18 years old

Second-line team in mental health

This team is specifically dedicated to young persons with signs of mental disorder or suicidal risk.

Outpatient child psychiatry clinic

It is intended for children and teenagers with a serious and persistent mental health disorder and their family. The service is accessible upon medical reference and the follow-up is ensured by a team composed of child psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, special educators and psychologists.

Service de transport des jeunes hébergés en centre de réadaptation pour les jeunes en difficulté d’adaptation

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