Organizational foundations and Code of Ethics

Our vision


NORTH clearly references success and excellence. North is always the direction to follow on a compass. North is always "up". North is an obvious reference to our geographical location. The North from our vision statement reminds everyone of our goal of excellence and performance.

WHAT WE CAN BECOME expresses hope, confidence in the potential, the opportunity and the well-being, be it clinical (healing, adaptation or rehabilitation) or professional (skill development, career, etc.). The "WE" refers to the responsibility, individual and collective; it's individually, as much as collectively, that we develop the attitudes and behaviors required to BECOME better in every aspect of our vision.

Our values

Our values are:

  • Transparency: Transparency is our favored tool to create reassuring links. It is a point of reference, and a guide, in humbly sharing our realities (positive or not), in making sure we have a common understanding of the situations that bring us together, as well as the necessary information to follow the evolution of the subject.
  • Respect: We are all someone's client, and we all have clients. Respect must be at the forefront in our interactions. It contributes to the self-esteem, to the recognition of the unicity, the entirety and the complexity of the other, who cannot be reduced to their health condition, their title or their function.
  • Recognition: Recognition is favored to encourage expressions of consideration between people. We make it a shared responsibility in order to create a consistent and flowing movement of simple gestures that make for an environment that radiates gratitude.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is essential to allow us to create a climate that is respectful of everyone's contribution to our shared objective: support the users' well-being in a peaceful climate.
  • Cohesion: Cohesion is favored to allow us to act following a common vision that applies coherently to every service point of the CISSS de la Côte-Nord, and to use the resources optimally to improve health.


The Démarre le chargement du fichierCharter of Values outlines the attitudes and behaviours expected from all the staff working at the CISSS de la Côte-Nord for each value of the organization.


  • Humanism: At the CISSS de la Côte-Nord, humanism means contributing to the individual and collective well-being daily, by prioritizing...
    • Everyone's respect and dignity
    • Mutual aid
    • Consideration for the reality of others
    • Recognition of strengths, capabilities and expertise
    • The search for opportunities

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics informs the user of their rights and responsibilities, and of the conducts expected from people working for the organization.

Démarre le chargement du fichierCode of Ethics
Démarre le chargement du fichierLeaflet - Code of Ethics

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