Occupational therapy and physiotherapy

Rehabilitation services in occupational therapy and physiotherapy aim to improve, restore or preserve the functional capacity of individuals. They help develop compensatory skills and adapt the environment to favour the person's optimal functioning in their living environment. Depending on the user's situation, rehabilitation services are offered in hospitals or external clinics. Some services can also be provided at home by Ouvre un lien interne dans une nouvelle fenêtrehome support teams.


The physiotherapist evaluates physical capabilities in order to maintain or improve them, and suggests ways to reduce pain. This service is intended for both children and adults with orthopedic or neurological problems, problems of viral origin, or other pathologies that interferes with their mobility or causes pain.


  • Evaluation of child development;
  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of mobility;
  • Individualized exercise program;
  • Gait training with appropriate accessory;
  • Pain relief;
  • Evaluation and prevention of falls;
  • Equipment loans.

Occupational therapy

The occupational therapy service is intended for both children and adults, and aims for the optimisation of their functional abilities. Advice is provided on the ways to arrange the house and find compensatory means. Methods are also suggested to facilitate activities of daily living and domestic activities such as taking a bath, preparing meals, getting out of the house, working, going to school, etc.


  • Evaluation of child development;
  • Evaluation and treatment of functional abilities;
  • Evaluation and treatment of motor and cognitive functions;
  • Optimisation of functional autonomy and of safety at home;
  • Evaluation and recommendation of equipment;
  • Evaluation and recommendation of therapeutic surfaces;
  • Advice on positioning in bed, in a wheelchair and during transfers;
  • Adaptation of the environment and equipment loans.

Access procedures

You must be referred by a health professional (e.g.: physician, nurse, orthopedist, etc.).

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