Fringe benefits

Group insurance

As an employee of the CISSS de la Côte-Nord, you are eligible for group insurance. 

The waiting period for new employees to become eligible may vary based on the situation.

Person who was working within the health network, whose employment relationship ended within the last monthImmediate enrolment
Employee with a 7/14 position or moreOne month after the hiring date
Employee without a position 
(e.g.: Recall list)
Employee with a position below 7/14

Three months after the hiring date

Categories 2 and 3: eligibility to the drug-insurance plan one month after the hiring date; three months for other protections

Group insurance plans vary based on the union or job category. To know the category of your job title, consult Ouvre un lien interne dans la fenêtre courantesubsection 2 in "Nouveaux employés".

Job categoryMain forms
Category 1 -
Nursing and cardio-respiratory care personnel (SIISNEQ)

Mains forms:

Category 2 -
Para-technical, auxiliary and trade personnel (CSN)
Category 3 - 
Office personnel and administrative technicians
and professionals (CSN)

Mains forms:

Category 4 - 
Health care technicians and professionals (APTS)

Main forms:

Pharmacists (APES)

Main forms:

Resident physicians (FMRQ)

Main forms:

Management personnel

Main forms:

Non-unionized unionizable personnel (SNS)

Main forms:

For more information, please refer to the following person:

Resource personContact information
Claude Simard418 589-2038, 342931

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